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" I deliver workshops and training for illustration, Manga, digital & craft related projects across the UK. I have been teaching at schools, clubs, libraries, festivals & events since 2010. 


Below you can find a small sample of workshops I have curated in the past. If you would like to bring the joy of my workshops into your classroom/ group/ festival or event, you can contact me for further details "

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A postcard to myself

Part of the “Reading Minds” project. We created beautiful postcards dedicated to our future selves sent by our present selves. We started by using painting techniques to create a unique galaxy background and then collaged an insightful quote that would hold meaning to the future us.

How to draw Manga

I attended the Big Malarkey Festival in Hull, delivering workshops over the course of two days.
DAY 1: How to draw Manga workshop (year 3 & 4)

DAY 2: Manga Mask Madness (drop-in family workshop) I created an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a Manga face, which the whole family could grab and follow to create their own masks.

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Shakespeare Week

This workshop was part of the national Shakespeare week. The final product was a Macbeth character profile sheet. The young students started off with learning how to draw Manga with my “How to draw Manga” booklet guide. I supply these to every student so they can carry on the learning at home and use it as a reference for further practice. We then moved onto learning a bit more about the play and the characters. The students then picked a character to focus on. 

Wuthering Heights Tote bags

Workshop commissioned by the Bronte Parsonage Museum for the Bradford Literature Festival at the University of Bradford. Manga inspired Tote bag workshop themed around Emily Bronte’s novel “Wuthering Heights”

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Instagram Manga

Instagram Manga posts, this was a workshop for Rotherham Libraries Fun Fest. The theme was childhood memories. Working with an Instagram template post designed by myself, the children thought of a good childhood memory as their post text. Then the children practiced how to draw themselves in a thinking pose for the final piece.

Tom Riddles Diary

In this class, we created a d.i.y Tom Riddles diary. The classes were split over a few weeks for three different age groups (8-12 | 13-16 | 16+) We first took the official Harry Potter house quiz to discover the houses we belonged to. We then used a website to riddle our names for the diary just like Lord Voldemort. Using a hoard of craft techniques, the class created the leather effect and design detailing of the covers as well as personalised inserts. We also used different binding techniques to create the finished look. With the time left we wiped up some mini broom pencils. 

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Digital Creations

I recently did a 2-hour class for GIRLGEEK on how to manipulate photos using digital software. We used a free online program to alter and reimagine our selfies. We then used our creations to produce a magazine cover. The class covered how to use; program tools (working through the toolbox) colour correction | Colour balance, Hue/saturation, Levels, Curves, etc. filters ( working through filter gallery) text.

Kokeshi doll jars

For today’s class, we were following the theme of Japanese kokeshi dolls. In Japan originally Kokeshi dolls were crafted from wood and then hand-painted. Today you can also find them being produced using other materials such as plastic and porcelain. I decided to create a multi-functional Kokeshi doll, which also doubled as a pen/brush pot. We went through the stages of creating our own design and then using techniques to apply the design to our pots.

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Kokeshi paper dolls

For today’s class, we continue to follow the theme of the Japanese kokeshi doll. For this session, we were concentrating on the Japanese art form of  Origami and Suminagashi  to create Paper Kokeshi dolls.Origami: (折り紙) from ori meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper” is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. Suminagashi: (墨 流 し) or “floating ink” is the process of marbling plain paper with water and ink to transform it into something vibrant and colourful.

Manga tote bags

The first section of this workshop focused on practicing different Manga drawing techniques, with a step-by-step tutorial. Then the students used what they had learned to draw their ideas onto Tote bags.

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Manga T-shirts

The class designed a Manga wanted poster and then transferred the design onto a t-shirt. The students had great fun learning how to pronounce and write their names in Japanese. The workshop also looked into doing self-studies and drawing themselves as the wanted Manga characters. 

Neko ears

Characters with “Neko ears” (Cat ears) are very popular in Japanese Anime and Manga. The group had a wonderful time creating Anime cat ears from scratch. We learnt how to use different sewing techniques and pattern cutting. This was a great starter piece for a “Cosplayer” (costume player; a fan who likes to buy or make their own costumes to resemble their favourite Anime/Manga characters for conventions and related events)


Manga mask madness

Two workshops for Sci-fest Yorkshire. The first class focused on how to draw Manga, exploring useful techniques to help beginners getting started with the art form. Also, a step-by-step tutorial sheet for the children was provided to take home. In the second class, we used the techniques learned to make Manga masks.

Exploring Manga

A workshop exploring all things Manga:* The history and inspiration behind Manga* How to draw poses and expressions * Drawing, shading, and inking techniques * How to plan a Manga page layout (paneling)

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