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Manga  (maw-nnnnn-gah) are comic books originating from Japan and are enormously popular across the world due to their wide range of genres and reach to all age groups. Most Manga follow a developed art style and are commonly printed in black & white with coloured covers.

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Anime   (ah- knee-may) is the shortening of the word animation. In Japan, the word is used to refer to all kinds of animation regardless of style, even though a good portion of Anime is adapted from popular Manga. Outside of Japan and in English, Anime refers specifically to animation produced in Japan.


KMC is an art club for children between the ages of 9-13 years, who love to draw and chat about Manga/ illustration. The club meets twice a month at the Huddersfield Library from 11:00am – 1:00pm.

All materials are provided and admission is free. 

Registration is required, for more information or to register your interest please visit Kirklees Manga Club on Facebook and drop me a message, alternatively, you can email

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 Tasneem Kausar 

 (aka Kiroarts) is an   illustrator, designer 

 & tutor based in   England.