Majikkon: Huddersfield Manga/Anime & Comic Con

Majikkon was an Anime, Manga and Sci-Fi convention, held in Huddersfield from 2014- 2017 as part of the Huddersfield literature festival.

This was a passion project that I started in 2014 as a small local convention. This grew into its peak in 2017, attracting 1300 + visitors. Over the years, I worked on securing funding, sponsorship, guests, vendors, artists, entertainment, activities etc. in the effort to grow it into a well-loved convention. 

Recruiting a great team and working with over 32 volunteers we were able to hold this as an annual event.

I designed the original branding as well as all the accompanying merchandise. This included everything from logo, website, social media posts, business cards, staff/volunteer attire, and all marketing and promotion etc. 

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2017 image by Berahthraben

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 Tasneem Kausar 

 (aka Kiroarts) is an   illustrator, designer 

 & tutor based in   England.